Friday, 5 July 2013

A Decadent Dress

I got my dear friend Eliza, to do yet more modelling for me. In this post Eliza wears the 'decadent dress' - which in fact is a vintage 'Wallis' dress which I got from a second-hand shop near to my house. The look of 'decadence' was achieved by the styling of the dress and the accompanying accessories. To start with, the actual dress itself was a size 14, however with a quick pinning of waist it made the dress more shapely for Eliza, and the excess of material gave it a more elegant feel.
Then the accessories, the beige coloured gloves were given to me by my granny, when she was clearing out her wardrobe. They are gloves she used to wear for more formal occasions. The earrings are little blue, clip-ons which were featured in the previous post. (Circular Blue Floral Clip-on Earrings)
I got the heeled loafers from Henry Holland, a couple of years back, sadly they've never quite fit me very well, so I don't wear them very often, however they complement the dress well because of the similar colours. I got both the arm bangle and the necklace from a second-hand shop near my house, the unusual necklace works well with the high neckline of the dress, and the bangles were a bargain for £0.50 each! And finally the anklet, was just an old bracelet I had, which looked nice with the loafers.

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