Sunday, 20 October 2013

Plants, Ribbons and Lipstick...

The only apples on the tree.

Taffy looking grumpy.

Me wearing my ribbon and lipstick (Seventeen Supreme Shine - 'Barely Blush')

 A bit of a scattered post, mainly due to the fact that I haven't really done anything worth posting about this week.
My garden feels very autumn-y at the minute, everything is damp and covered in leaves. I spotted a patch of mushrooms in the garden from my window so I thought I'd get a few photos, Taffy was quite interested in the newly arrived mushrooms.
Then yesterday I went into town with Eliza and had a look around all the second-hand shops for a couple of last minute things for our trip to London on Thursday, we didn't find any clothes but I got some cute ribbon from the market and a nice pink lipstick from Boots. We went into the little tearoom/ cupcake shop and got some raspberry tea! The beads from an antique shop a couple of weeks ago for £3. Then later on me and my mum went to IKEA to get some crockery, and I ended up buying some beautiful plants from the garden section and a pretty glass and bowl.

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