Monday, 4 November 2013

Blurry Beach

The first of a few posts from my weekend in Northumberland from Half-term. Me and Laura got the train up from Manchester on the Sunday morning to arrive to a cloudy, rainy Alnmouth Station.  We were a bit late going to the beach that evening so we missed the light a bit, but I made the most of the moody skies and far-away lights, by capturing a 'blurry beach' scene, I did it by changing my camera from Auto to manual focus and adjusting the shutter speed so more light would get in, but without my tripod and the fact that I was shivering so much meant that the photographs came out blurred, but I liked the effect it had so I persevered with it. 


  1. I love these! Particularly because of the very nice sunset blue tone they have - but it is so interesting. I find blurry pictures are much nicer than focused/still ones for some reason (you followed me on Tumblr I think and I am not using that blog anymore, so I thought I'd contact you some other way because your photography is lovely) Sorry for the very long comment! xx

    1. Thank you so so much, I love all your art and photogrpahy, it's really amazing. Your blog was one of my favourites - I came across one of your posts in my drafts, and realised I hadn't seen any of your posts on my dash for a while so when I went on and realised I no longer followed you, I thought I'd follow again in case you ever went back to your tumblr. xx