Monday, 24 February 2014

London Fashion Weekend

My Pre-planned outfit


The music on the video didn't come out very well so it's probably better to mute the video, I would have taken the sound off the video but my IT skills fail me yet again. 

Interview with Hilary Alexander

Beautiful light show in the evening
My bag of goodies and a few extra things from London Fashion Weekend. 

 I got a day ticket for London Fashion Weekend for Christmas. Me and my Mum got the train down to London really early in the morning so we would arrive in good time. It was a stunning day, Crisp and bright -  On arrival I was given my tote bag (as seen above), my Elle magazine and the little pouch to wear around my neck with information in it.

Somerset House is so beautiful and I never had any idea just how big it was! We had a look around the central area, then we started to go through into the main building, looking at all the beautiful clothes for sale.
Then it was time for our first show, which was the 'Trends Catwalk' which presented the four main trends of the season (Precious Metals, Flower Power, Lace Embrace and Good Sport) which were really cool, my favourite was one of the 'Precious Metal' looks which had an amazing gold metallic pencil skirt and a pastel blouse.

Then we had more time looking around all the different designer rooms, At 5pm we went to the interview room where Hilary Alexander OBE - fashion journalist, was discussing the changes she had seen since her time working in journalism and the fashion industry, in relation to new technologies and the way they have revolutionised the way in which people work. Then we left to get some lunch in Covent Garden and walk around for a bit.

After lunch, it was time for our second catwalk show, which was the designer show, we were very lucky to see the Julien MacDonald show. His collection was stunning, with incredibly detailed pieces, which continued the metallic theme, with lots and lots of gold. My favourite piece was a beautiful dress which had a short pink pleated underskirt and a long flowing over-skirt which trailed down just on the back. Many of my photo's didn't come out very well because the lighting for the show and where I was sitting.

After the show we had a last look around, before we had to leave to get the train home.

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