Saturday, 12 July 2014

'The half moon shows a face of plaintive sweetness'

The idea behind some of my posts comes straight from the main subject, which in the case of my blog is usually a piece of clothing. I then have to style the rest of the look around it, find the location to shoot the photographs and then add a couple of key objects which complement the subject. With others however, the 'complementary' photos come first, which means I then have to find an item of clothing which works well with them. In this case, the photographs of the crescent moon came first. Just as I was shutting the curtains in my room before I went to bed almost a week ago, I saw it through my bedroom window and subsequently spent nearly an hour getting the right camera settings to fully capture the changing colours of the sky and getting the right contrast of light in the scene. After having a few clear summer night skies, I am fully appreciating the different combinations of lunar phases with evening light. It made me think of the book I read when I was little - 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' - when the mother owl said that the night sky is never truly black, it is a rainbow of blues, greys and purples.

After watching the sky become gradually darker and the moon slowly fall behind the hills, I can see why over the years, the moon has featured as the subject of thousands of pieces of literature. I got a little obsessed reading through different poems and sections of texts about the moon - which is where I came across the line from Christina Rossetti's poem - 'The Half Moon', which I used as the title to this post -  'The half moon shows a face of plaintive sweetness'.

The dress I'm wearing is one I made myself in a 'day before needing something to wear panic' - I ended up hand-sewing most of it on the way up to Edinburgh on the train for the University open day and on the way back down, and finishing it at home 5 minutes before I needed to go out. As for the glitter, I still act like a child whenever I see something shiny or pretty, and immediately have to put it on my face, which in this case I later regretted when for a few days after there was still remnants of it around my eyes and cheeks.

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