Friday, 18 July 2014

The higher the daisy climbs the faster it falls

These are a few photographs from the first day of my summer holidays, and a very summery day it was too, hot and sunny but with a nice breeze. Me and some friends decided to go for a walk to the top of a hill nearby and have a picnic at the top. It was such a nice day, we were completely shattered by the time we reached the top, but as soon as we had finished our typical young-persons picnic, which consisted of all the unhealthy things you could imagine; sweets, crisps, cake and chocolate - we did however take lots of fruit to make ourselves feel better about the other food - We played sardines and hide + seek, in the thicket of trees which had this system of twisting paths throughout.
The photographs are of Eliza just before we started to make our way home. They are sort of a Marc Jacobs - 'Daisy', inspired set.

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