Saturday, 3 January 2015

Galleries and resolutions

I took these when I went to London with my art class back in October.

They are from the 'Tate Britain' and the 'British Museum'. I don't often visit galleries, I would like to go more often than I do, this could be my first resolution for 2015 - (not that I ever manage to keep them going much after January most years, maybe this will be an exception to the rule). I swear I took more photographs of the museums and galleries I went to than the actual art within them.I love the light, empty spaces and the high ceilings, they are just really calm places to spend time wandering around.

This is my final year of school (well sixth-form), and I have planned a trip to a few cities with my friends for my long summer (Budapest to Barcelona to Paris then finally Amsterdam!), I want to visit some of the beautiful museums and exhibitions while I am away. There is also the 'Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty' exhibition which is coming to the 'V&A' which I will hope I can go to next year.


  1. THAT IS THE BEST RESOLUTION EVER! Seriously good luck and happy art museum going! Also that trip with your friends sounds amazing!!! Seriously so happy for you right now! And happy new years! Also good luck in your last year of school! WOOP WOOP! ;------)

    1. Haha thank you so much! Happy New Year to you also!!! x