Saturday, 20 December 2014

Planning every moment

For the first time in my life probably, I feel relatively organised in many aspects of my life. 

It was my last day of school yesterday, so I am now on my Christmas holidays! The past week has been filled with essays, homework and coursework deadlines, I've been slowly working through this mountain of work, designating evenings for specific subjects or pieces of work. So on Friday when I gave in my final piece of work; a draft of my history coursework, I felt I could properly start getting excited about my time off. 

In regards to my Christmas preparation, I have now also finished my Christmas present shopping, after weeks of collecting scraps of note paper with my ideas of what to buy people scrawled over them, then battling through the horrific crowds in town, I now have a pretty stack of brown-paper wrapped gifts on my bedroom floor, waiting for some festive ribbon, and a substantially diminished bank balance. 

The photographs are from a couple of weeks ago, me dressed up to go to a friends 18th - I thought I'd document what I was wearing, mainly just to show off my jeans, I had been searching endlessly for months for a pair of jeans which would actually suit me. I must have tried about 12 pairs, before I found this pair from Urban Outfitters, now I hardly wear anything else. I came across the shoes whilst on my jeans hunt, it's not so clear on the photographs, but they are red velvet, and beautiful. - An impromptu sale on Asos was all it took to persuade me to buy them, then with the shoes, the hunt for the jeans became more
imperative, to put together an outfit. With the jeans and the shoes now in my possession, I needed only a top to 

complete my vision. I knew what I wanted so I had to search for the material to make it. A took a trip to the 
local second-hand shops to find some simple black fabric, it came in the form of a large A-line skirt which I deconstructed and re-made into the top shown on the photograph. It is probably one of the only outfits I have ever taken such care in collecting and assembling the elements of - but a pair of good fitting jeans is something to take seriously. 

With A-level mocks, art deadlines and collage interviews in January looming, I still have a lot of work to do over the holidays, which is a bit of a downer, - I'm sure I will start the new year by accumulating a large collection of to-do lists.  

If I don't post before, Happy New Year!

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