Monday, 12 January 2015

Working through January

Happily, I'm still in my 'New Years - motivated to get stuff done' phase, which is good considering the size of my workload and the number of deadlines I have to navigate by the end of the month. Since I am dedicating most of my time to my collage work, I find myself relishing any free time I get - meaning even humdrum tasks are made instantly pleasant.  I have built up quite a list of weekend trips for the next few months to keep me going through January.

I decided to go into Manchester with my Dad, as I had a few things I needed to get from there. We drove into the city early, as to avoid the Saturday shoppers, first task - drop off my December film at the photo-developing shop,  I also dropped off my film from my school trip to America from 2012, which I had never taken in before because I thought it had been ruined in the airport on the return trip, I was so sad at the time, because I had taken both my film camera as well as a little digital one I had at the time with me, and for a reason unbeknownst to me the little digital camera wouldn't work when we got there, so it looked like I would be coming home with no photographs. We started the trip in New York, then had a few days in Philadelphia then to Niagara Falls for a day then finally onto Washington DC before we had to come home - it was a great trip. (The photographs aren't in the right order on this post - sorry)

Whilst my photographs were being developed, we went to Fopp so I could buy some new CDs, I am so tired of listening to my old stuff over and over again - I bought Devendra Banhart and Melody's Echo Chamber, they are now making my mock-exams revision some what bearable. Then we got some breakfast/lunch to eat in the car - the consuming of which had to be post-poned due to a 'bean-disaster'...

One of my favourite things about film photography is how exciting it is when you get your film back and you get to see how your photographs turned out. - I was so pleased with how these came out, my other photographs mostly came out really blurry, from parties, Christmas and New Years, but there are some nice ones which I might post at some point in the future.


  1. I live around D.C. and I visit it alot and I love love love your photos okay bye! :^)

    1. Oh I'm so jealous of you - I would love to go back to D.C at some point, to get a better feel of the place! x

  2. Amazing photos :) That was an amazing trip, I'm jealous!