Friday, 1 May 2015


I don't know if I will ever be good at regularly posting on this blog, I go through phases of checking it daily, preparing posts in advance and collecting photographs, and then as soon as my attention is directed elsewhere it gets completely forgotten again.

I am nearing the very end of my time at school. It's strange that something so 'important' in my life is quickly passing me by without much thought. I just haven't had time to explicitly dissect my feelings about it all because of the amount of deadlines I've had to meet, exams I have to revise for and my general busyness.

These photographs are from my most recent and final art exam. The theme of my project was insects and the exam question I chose to link to was 'fashion accessories as art pieces'. The past couple of weeks have been crazy, and the day before the actual deadline was manic, I managed a whole two hours of sleep the night before (practically collapsing in bed at 4am when I had finally finished my sketchbook!) and was still finishing bits of art every minute I had free during school that day as well. I think I got most of it done, my final piece came together in the last of the allotted fifteen hours. I will post photographs of my actual pieces of work and final piece after the art exhibition in June.

After I leave and all my exams are over, I will, for the first time in probably four years-ish be able to do art how I want to do it. Without feeling guilty about not doing whatever my school project was at that time, getting to choose the scale, subject, medium and material as I want and working on it whenever I feel like it.

It's a nice thought.

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