Saturday, 16 May 2015

Evening hues and painted buildings

This is another out-of-date post which, rather than scrapping because I never got around to writing it last year, I thought I would change the theme and post it anyway.

I have reorganised my photographs from my holiday to Italy last year into separate posts and 'themes' for each city I visited - each city will have it's own post, but I'll add links to the other posts. The 'themes' may be a little tedious, but it was simply a way of organising them.

I thought I'd start with Verona, although it was later in the trip last summer, because it was this city which gave me the idea to do the 'themed' posts - It was something I noticed when I was there and annoyed my family by pointing it out all the time. We arrived in the city in the early evening, after getting the train from Lucca, then once we had found the apartment and dumped the bags, we headed out to get a feel of the city. The colours of the early evening were incredible and the city just seemed to coordinate and compliment itself - Dark greens from the trees and ivy-clad building, the dusky green of the river flowing through the city and the prettiest hints of pink everywhere, on the painted buildings, in the clouds when the sun had set and even on the clothes people seemed to be wearing - the odd dress, cardigan or bag.

It was hard to ignore it once you had noticed it. I simply gave up and searched for further evidence that it was the most colour-coordinated city ever. We only had a few days in Verona before we got the train to Venice (the last city on our trip), but we managed to fit a lot in our short time there.

One of my favourite things was going around the city's gardens (Giardino Giusti) on our second evening. Other than one or two people walking around on their own, the gardens were completely empty. There were little mazes you could run around. And a fountain with little turtles swimming around in. There was a steep pathway up to the higher part of the garden, which had stone gazebo - it had an amazing view of the city over the river.

During the day time we went to a few markets and shops, galleries and museums and just generally walked around the city, however I have shockingly few photographs from the day time compared to the evenings we spent there, because I couldn't stop myself from taking photographs of absolutely everything which was touched by the beautiful evening light and the tones it brought out of the city.

Throughout the city, even in the residential area where we stayed  and especially in the main square (Piazza Delle Erbe) there were signs of old paintings on the buildings.