Saturday, 9 May 2015

Iceage and old traditions

I don't usually post photographs from the gigs I go to, but as i'm celebrating the end of my time at school it seemed right to commemorate the end of other little traditions I have.

These photographs were from when me and Phoebe saw Iceage at Night and Day cafe in Manchester last week. The band were really great and the crowd, although different from the usual because it was an over 18s gig, were really fun too.

I love seeing bands and artists, and Manchester is such a great city to see live music in because of the range of venues; you can go to these really tiny, intimate gigs where bands which are just starting-out play - these have a really cute atmosphere and you are likely to meet the band afterwards like at the Deaf Institute or Night and Day Cafe, then the gigs range all the way up to huge venues like the MEN (or whatever it is called at the minute) where you get massive international acts playing to up to 21,000 people. The majority of the gigs I have been to were in Manchester, and always with a couple of my friends - Phoebe/Emily. From my first concert back in 2010, embarrassingly JLS (not my fault, it was for a friends birthday) all the way up to Iceage last week I have managed to keep all my tickets - so I have something to look back on when I am older, but for now they just end up stuck on my wall.

I don't have anymore gigs booked, and since it is unlikely that I will be seeing any bands over the summer (because they will all be playing festivals) I won't have the chance again until September. So it is the end of a small tradition because after September many of my friends will have moved away to go to university (I won't yet because I am doing an art foundation year before I apply), so I will have to go with new people that I meet next year, or be brave and go on my own.  


Of the bands I have seen a few have stood out in my mind; Phoenix back in 2014 was amazing, there was this incredible screen made from thousands of tiny lights at the back of the stage, and for one of the longer, more instrumental songs ('Love Like a Sunset') the screen showed the view from a car, driving down the Champs-Élysées while the lead singer lay down on the stage. The first time I went to the Deaf Institute to see Skaters and Drowners, that was just a really fun gig in a really cute venue, we went because we wanted to see Drowners, but I have subsequently got really into Skaters music which is a bit annoying because they are an American band so it may be a while before they come back to the UK. We saw Drowners play again, but with Peace this time. That was a good gig, but the crowd was different because it was a small venue tour, so rather than play both Manchester and Liverpool they played Warrington instead so it was a mix of people from both places. Then when I saw the National when I was on holiday in Italy (Lucca) - it was an outdoor gig (part of a summer festival thing) and the set was amazing, as soon as they came out the heavens opened and everyone got soaked but no one minded, then the lead singer went through the crowd during the last song. -  Tickets in Order;

- Arctic Monkeys + the         Vaccines
- Rizzle Kicks
- T in the Park
- Little Comets + General       Fiasco
- Spector + Swim Deep +         Splashh
- NME Awards (Peace + Palma     Violets + Miles Kane +       Django Django)
- Kaiser Chiefs
- Dog is Dead
- Swim Deep + Wolf Alice
- Vampire Weekend + Noah and   the Whale
- Peace + Drenge
- Phoenix + Bipolar Sunshine
- Skaters + Drowners
- Bombay Bicycle Club
- Jagwar Ma
- Peace + Drowners
- Foster the People
- The National
- Alt-J + Marika Hackman
- The Kooks
- Bombay Bicycle Club + Peace
- Peace
- Iceage                                             [The two smaller photographs were taken by Phoebe, not me].

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