Thursday, 20 August 2015

A spectral form

These are some of the only photographs which I kept from my original art coursework photo shoot back in January.

I had planned out what I wanted the photographs to look like, then waited for the perfect weather conditions at home to capture them - I wanted the photographs to be of a figure wearing the pieces I had made up on a snow covered hillside behind my house, with a couple of pictures in the forest behind. I had hoped the snow would make the pieces stand out more, and I wanted them on the hillside so I could recreate Matisse's 'La Danse (I)' by superimposing several images on photoshop.

However, because I had such a specific idea of what I wanted the photographs to come out like, and because I thought it was asking a bit much of a friend to hike up a snow covered hill-side in early January, then pose for an extended time barefoot in a forest in the midst of holiday revision time, I ended up asking my younger sister to take the photographs whilst I modelled the pieces - She has taken photographs for me in the past which have come out ok when I have set the camera and directed her throughout.

The reason why most of the photographs she had taken by the end were unusable, and why I now particularly like

these select few, was because she couldn't keep the camera still enough on a slow shutter speed so they were all really blurry.

So although I had to retake pictures of my pieces (here) because I couldn't use any of the photographs from this first shoot in my art project (as they weren't focused enough to show the detail), I love the accidental eeriness from the first set.  

The unintentional blurry effect (similar to this post) looks like a sinister morphing figure to me - which I like, and the still forest ones are equally strange and eerie, especially because of the patches of snow on the

ground and the dark trees - So even though I was deeply frustrated on the day, after walking barefoot around a forest for a few hours without any results, I'm happy with the few good shots we got now.

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