Monday, 24 August 2015

Overexposed film


Me and my brother took advantage of some cheap flights from Manchester around Easter,
to take an impromptu trip around Belgium. We flew to Brussels and had a couple of days
in Antwerp and Bruges as well, before going back to Brussels to fly home. The trains are
so much cheaper and efficient there, that it was easy to travel between the cities.

It was a really good trip and the cities are all so different but interesting in their
own ways; I loved the gorgeous parks in Brussels and the squares. Bruges was so
beautiful, the architecture is dreamy and it was so nice to walk around. I think I liked
Antwerp most, it was just a really cool city, we spend hours in the modern art gallery
there and drifting in and out the independent shops.

I'm still relatively new to film photography, there is a chance that things can go wrong,
but I keep trying because I love them when they go right.

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