Saturday, 29 August 2015

Summer storms

These are a few photographs I took from my bed, during this storm we had about a month ago. I sat on the end of my bed with the window open, wrapped up in my quilt.

I must have taken a few hundred photographs and a couple of videos before I got any good ones, which I really regretted the next day when I had to go through my camera to delete all the bad ones.

It was amazing to watch, because although it was cloudy, it wasn't raining so the lightning was so clear in the sky, and looked even more impressive against the clouds. Then suddenly it started raining, but not normal rain, these enormous

raindrops which meant you couldn't even see a few metres in front of you, this lasted about two minutes and then it stopped as suddenly as it had started. There were a couple of people walking up my street, who got caught in the rain, they just started running around the road. 

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