Sunday, 13 September 2015


This field sloped down from the site where me and my family stayed in France. It was a rural area, and the closest place of any considerable size was Bergerac, where we took the car to a couple of times.

The site consisted of a collection of small houses and apartments which had been converted from an abandoned village. It was lovely, and surrounded by fields of sunflowers in every direction. It was such a shame that we missed them in full bloom, they had already started to wilt by the time we arrived, it must have been spectacular just a few weeks earlier.
I decided to walk around the perimetre of the field one evening, the sunflowers got much taller towards the back of the field, and you had to walk through them at points. I felt like Alice, surrounded by plants, one minute far below me and the next above my head.

It was dark before I had got around the full field. There was a part where the flowers had formed a sort of arch which I had to walk through.

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