Sunday, 11 October 2015

University Blues + Bristol

I got the train down to Bristol last weekend to stay with my brother for a few days. I took these photographs on a film camera I bought from a market when I went to France with my family over the summer, and this is the first film I've had developed from it - Some of the photographs are a little overexposed, but they came out ok.

Since the beginning of September, I have sworn to make the most of my time. Because I opted to do a 1 year foundation course before going to university (because it was a requirement for where I want to go), I am still living at home, while most of my friends have just
moved away to their respective universities. So rather than get all sad and jealous of them, I am trying to keep myself busy and planning lots of stuff to do while I'm not at college (4 days a week). So far it has worked well, I'm enjoying college - my art and design foundation course could not be more different from A-level art, and I've got to try lots of different types of art (not just standard fine art).

I have been to a few exhibitions, done art and made clothes and met up with some of my friends who have also delayed university for a year.
I've got trains booked and plans made to visit my friends at their different universities all around the country. I love staying with people in places I don't know very well, especially as they get to know the places so quickly since they are students. My brother is a third year now, so knows and loves Bristol a lot. We spent
the weekend walking around the city, visiting his friends and going to a couple of house parties - one of which extended out onto a cute roof-top which was cool. I also ended up staying with my best friend in her uni flat even before her freshers had started - The separation of a few days and a 30 minute bus journey got too much.

I will hopefully remain busy for the next couple of months, before Christmas when everyone will be coming home by; keeping up with college work, seeing friends who are still at home, going to galleries and exhibitions and booking gigs to go to.

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