Monday, 4 January 2016


The general busyness of November through to December have meant I've neglected this blog yet again. Forgetting to plan ahead, collect images and ideas together because of the Christmas madness. And like other years I've used my New Years motivation to attempt to get back on track of everything. 

I am, in some ways, obsessed with the idea of documenting things - worried about forgetting the little details of life and only being left with a vague overview of my teenage years. I get extremely sentimental about little things which have impacted my life even in the tiniest ways. I am a hoarder. I have boxes upon boxes of these little trinkets, photographs or lists. Anything which can be associated with a something that has happened to me, or fetch a memory to mind, like an instant gateway to the past. 

Photographs are an obvious way of doing this, capturing the moment and preserving life, as it was, at that point. I have gained quite a collection of cameras over the years as my interest in photography has developed, and learnt to use the different types for different things. I use my main Nikon DSLR for documenting my college work, as well as for travel. Ideally I would use only my film cameras for travel, as I love the effects they give, and the limited number means more thought goes into the image, however they are used along side the DSLR in case anything goes wrong with the film. In the past couple of months, I have started to use disposable cameras again, something which I thought I had left with 10-year-old-me. It was initially for taking to gigs with me, as I like to take a couple of photos each time I go, and since they are quite robust they seemed like a better option than my DSLR. After a successful first try, I got a couple more and I now use them when I'm going out with my friends. 

I was given an Instax Mini 90 for Christmas this year, I've already used up a pack of film over the Christmas to New Years period. And already become very precious about the pictures themselves, as they sort of epitomise documentation for me - The photographic element is the same, instantly preserving the memory of the person in that place. But the instant print element and the individuality of each photograph makes them even more special. With a digital image it could be printed and sent as many times as you like, whereas with these each one is more precious. 

After looking at friends and through books of polaroid images, I have decided to use my camera to capture people only. I can use different cameras for travel, scenery and work. I want to use it to document the people in my life, throughout my life. My first set of 10 is of my immediate family, who I spent my Christmas and New Year with. But I want to gradually document my friends and any other people (or the occasional animal) who play a role in my life. 

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