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I have gathered together my favourite looks from London Collection Mens which took place last week - trawling through blog pages, tumblr accounts and finally Vogue to see what the season had to offer. As the UCAS deadline looms, and hopefully with it, invitations to interview, my head seems to be constantly dominated by menswear fashion. Researching and following LCM, has helped inspire me whilst I put together my own portfolio of designs, illustrations and garments. As it is probably fairly obvious, I liked a lot of what was sent down the runway - my narrowed down selection is still much longer than I would have ideally put together, but I reached the point where I couldn't take out any more looks. There was some collections which particularly stood out for me, such as; Agi & Sam, Matthew Miller and Margaret Howell. However I also liked individual looks from other designers.

Topman Design

I really liked how the looks were very down to earth; wearable and casual - quite perfect for the season. However, whilst being somewhat muted and subdued in tones and prints, the obvious care and detail in the cut and length of the shirts and jackets modernised the overall style.

Agi & Sam

I absolutely loved this whole collection, and found it very difficult to narrow it down very much. The colour scheme used, made this somewhat minimalist collection very interesting, any fewer colours would probably have rendered the collection dull in my opinion. Similarly, the staggered lengths and layering of different pieces made the looks stand out against other minimalist collections, and has inspired some of my own designs. 


This was a very eclectic collection, I really liked the bold colours used - it made it stand out against other collections. 

Matthew Miller

I love this collection as well - Each piece links in someway to the look before it. Incredibly simple belts tie the initial few pieces together, whilst bands on the arms and prints occur in the latter half. I love that the colours go from black, to lighter tones and greens and then transition back to black at the end. 

Tiger of Sweden

I thought this was an interesting collection, I liked the combination of dark colours with delicate floral prints. And also the bold typographic element of some of the looks. 

Margaret Howell

This was another favourite collection of mine, I love the minimalist / utilitarian style of her pieces. Also the softness she adds to the looks from sloping shoulders and discreet scarves. It feels very relaxed whilst being incredibly stylish. 

Alexander McQueen

This was one of the only 'darker' collections I think of the season - keeping true to the brands often gothic style. I liked the gothic silhouettes and accessories combined with traditionally romantic materials. 

Xander Zhou

This was quite a diverse collection, bold colours alongside muted autumnal tones and sportswear alongside tailored pieces. 

Oliver Spencer

I liked how colours and patterns were reworked and linked through different looks in the collection. 


I liked the oversized silhouettes from the BERTHOLD collection. 


I liked the militaristic style of some of the pieces put forward by Maharishi, they linked well to my portfolio project which is based on protest and uniform. Also I liked that the pieces gradually transitioned into more casual-wear. 

SEAN SUEN presented by GQ China

A varied collection, with muted, autumnal tones and structured pieces, alongside bold metallics and painted models. 

LCF MA Menswear

I always love looking through graduate collections, because they are so much more unique than those put out by long-established designers and fashion houses. Anything goes in a graduate collection, which makes them so much more exciting. I need to follow up my research and find out who designed each piece from the selection shown. 

Nasir Mazhar (1-3) // Liam Hodges (4-5)

One of the more outrageous collections from LCM, with large headware, which could have come straight out of a sci-fi epic. // I like the strong looks and printed typography in the Liam Hodges collection. 

Craig Green (1-4) // Burberry (5)

I've been following Craig Green's work for a while, and plan to continue to do so, as each new collection is so different to other designers. He has persevered with his quintessential worker jacket style, with a new level to the design with head pieces to accompany it. // I loved the simplicity of this look from Burberry.  

Astrid Anderson (1) // Lou Dalton (2-5)

This is the only piece I collected from the Astrid Anderson collection, I didn't really like the rest of the collection. I felt that some of the pieces didn't work, too many different materials and styles put together and not really meshing. // In the Lou Dalton collection, I really liked the combination of leather look garments with softer dyed tops. 

Coach (1-2) // CMMN SWDN (3-5)

I wasn't amazed by Coach's collection as a whole, but I really liked these two coats. // I loved the brown / black 70s-ish colour scheme of the CMMN SWDN collection. As well as the high-waisted trousers combined with cropped tops and shirts.  

E. Tautz (1-3) // YMC (4-5)

Ever since Patrick Grant gave a lecture at my college, I have been following E. Tautz. Season to season it is a favourite of mine, consistently stylish without being garish or excessive. // I liked these two looks from YMC, I think they're a strong pair together.  

Katie Eary (1-3) // House of Holland (4-5)

I liked the delicate prints and mix of fabrics used. It was quite different from other collections, in that many of the pieces were light and summery. // I chose a couple of pieces from the House of Holland collection, I often find his pieces too garish, as I tend to prefer more minimalist looks, but I felt these were more reserved whilst holding true to the brand and being bold and fun. 

James Long (1-3) // Pringle of Scotland (4-5)

I liked these 3 looks from James Long, the unusal prints, boots and bags made them look like well put together street styles. // Quite traditional styles at Pringle of Scotland, but I picked out a couple of my favourite looks from there. 

Alex Mullins (1-4) // Joshua Kane (5)

I really liked the combination of denim with bold, florescent prints on white. Also the way the 4th look is presented gave me ideas for my own portfolio. // One of the only looks I liked from the Joshua Kane collection, but I liked the print on the tailored 2 piece. 


Again, a simple colour scheme and linked styles throughout the collection, I liked most of the pieces. 

JW Anderson (1-3) // Tourne De Transmission (4-5)

I always look out for JW Anderson's collections, he just keeps producing very new and dynamic work - I loved the odd prints put on his pieces. // I liked these 2 looks from Tourne De Transmission, they fit into the traditional A/W colour scheme, but also look very wearable, like examples of particularly well put together street styles. 


I love how you can easily see the inspirations for this collection. As someone working on a project, I personally like it when people can trace parts of my work back to my initial research and inspirations. 

Casely-Hayford (1-4) // Christopher Kane (5)

Although I didn't like the majority of the collection, I loved these four pieces I've picked out - Just the shapes and silhouettes created with quite generic items, but very down to earth. // Something about this look reminded me of Star Wars, perhaps the tones and precise laser cut outs. 

(All images sourced from Vogue). 

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