Friday, 22 January 2016

Milan FW

Here are my picks from Milan fashion week (15th-19th January), similarly to LCM, I struggled to cut down the selection, but I suppose that means I've enjoyed the season. The shows which particularly stood out for me were Gucci, MGSM and No.21 - contrasting to the collections shown in London, I preferred the more bold and vibrant shows. Milan was for colours, prints and contrasting patterns.

Neil Barrett

I loved the colour scheme, the style was lovely - smart but modern with the bold prints, especially the red tops with block prints.

Vivienne Westwood

As always I love the eclectic-ness of the collections - prints, patterns, different fabrics thrown together, but somehow it all just works. I loved this collection.

Versace (1-3) // Ralph Lauren (4-5)

I only liked a few looks from the Versace collection, I didn't like the combination of pastels with neutral autumnal tones.

Ermenegildo Zegna

New takes on classic pieces, I liked the typographical sport accessories combined with dark suits and coats.

Diesel Black Gold

I don't usually like Diesel collections, but I liked this one - Outerwear put with leather and patterned knitwear.


I really liked the overall 'laid-back' feeling of the collection. Nothing too structured, even looks with suits were paired with casual shirts and shoes. Also the tones were nice and autumnal.


Colour. I loved the boldness of each look, whether created with block colours, prints or patterns, each was so different to the previous. A wonderful mix-match show.

Damir Doma

I particularly liked the first looks from this collection; The plain black and white, then the printed looks then the all black look at the end. I liked the oversized garments and altered silhouettes.


I liked how the collection sort of transitioned from casual-military to sportswear, then back again. I particularly liked the use of colour and knitwear.

Ports 1961

Mainly a monochromatic collection, there were a few looks with warmer autumnal colours. I liked the staggered layering of pieces and some of the embroidered prints.


The Bally collection was fun, I liked the mix of colours, and bold pieces. Also all the bags and accessories.

Canali (1-2) // Georgio Armani (3-5)

This was serious collection - tailoring fit for purpose, I liked the dark colour scheme and formality // I liked that some of the models walked in pairs, the looks complemented each other.


I really liked this collection, it wasn't too serious - I liked the casual, wearable style put forward. The tartans and knitwear.

Boglioli (1-2) // Moncler Gamme Bleu (3) // Antonio Marras

Lots of muted colours, I liked a few pieces in the Boglioli show // The dark florals and fur were very autumnal in the Antion Marras collection.

Fendi (1-4) // Etro (5)

Some of the looks incorporated printed art illustrations by Saul Steinberg, I love it when fashion takes direct inspiration from artwork and actually includes it in the garments themselves // I liked this militaristic jacket from the Etro collection.

Emporio Armani (1-3) // Brioni (4-5)

I liked the minimalist colourscheme, dark, steely greys especially // Another 'serious' collection, lots of dark tones. 

Roberto Cavalli (1-2) // Salvatore Ferragamo (3-5)

I didn't like the majority of the Roberto Cavalli collection, I've rarely like animal prints in fashion. However, I liked the floaty florals and clashing prints // I really liked the bold, geometric prints on knitwear, it made a change for many dull / muted collections.

Calvin Klein

I really liked the touches of metalics with the usual monochrome looks. Especially the metallic trimmed parkas.

Dolce and Gabbana

The huge fur coats reminded me of certain characters from Game of Thrones, but I prefer how D&G paired them with minimalist tops and trousers, rather than battle armour. I also liked the quirky western prints on some of the looks.

Costume National

I liked the mixture of dark colours with bold reds and electric blues.


This was one of my favourite collections, I really liked the casual vibe - jumpers, slouchy jumpsuits and layered tops.

Jil Sander

I liked the utilitarian style, I think this was one of the most consistent collections. Also the interesting tailoring and detail of the coats and jackets. It linked well to my college project.

Bottega Veneta

My favourite looks in this collection were the all black looks put down the runway first - I loved how stylish and dramatic they were.


Generally muted tones, I liked the high waisted trousers with cropped tops and jackets.

Missoni (1) // Marcelo Burlon County of Milan (2-5)

Lots of nice autumnal knitwear, I liked this more toned down look // I liked the limited colour scheme; the use of 2 contrasting tones, black with white and blue with orange.


This was one of my favourites from all the shows! - I loved everything, the sailor caps, the wideleg trousers, the delicately printed shirts and even the patterned tights.

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