Friday, 26 February 2016

All over London

This is the view from the tiny hotel room I stayed in with my Mum and Aunt in Bayswater back in December. It's the most recent photograph I've taken in London, even though I've been in the city so much recently.

I always seem to be visiting a different part of London, and I'm starting to get my head around the city as a whole, where everything is in connection to each other. I know the central areas best, because I've been there most, but also other areas like the Docklands, Shoreditch and even Kingston from being invited to university interviews in the last couple of weeks. I've still got at least one more interview to go down for, which means more time on the train and lugging around my ridiculously large art folder. (Polaroid: My Mum in Kingston when we were killing time before my interview).

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