Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Fleeting nostalgia

I just got some film developed which was taken over Christmas in Northumberland. I had to take it to another shop as the guy who usually does my film has taken february off for Chinese New Year.

The photographs that came back seem so dreamy and surreal compared to how things seem now. It's bizarre to think we've already had an eighth of the year, I don't even remember anything from Janurary, and February has brought nothing but chaos - Being asked to send off online portfolios for universities, and in some cases. invited for full interviews.

It's strange how some photographs can invoke nostalgia. Even though when I think back to this particular walk on the beach, it wasn't calm or dreamy - It was incredibly windy, and the waves were crashing about because the tide was so far in. People were getting on each others nerves after being in too close proximity for a few days and it was so cold that your eyes were watering. But nonetheless, the fact that the images came out in the way that they have, just makes me sort of forget all of that, and instead has produced this artificial impression; not quite a tangible memory, more like a fleeting feeling of something which never actually happened.

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