Tuesday, 12 July 2016


The post holiday blues are hitting me hard - Even though I was only in Split for few days, I had the most amazing time there.

Perhaps it was because it was such a last minute decision, booking the flights and accommodation just five days before we were due to go, we didn't have time to overthink or build our expectations up too high - meaning when we arrived, everything was so spontaneous and exciting.

I went with a couple of my friends, and since I had travelled alone before, a lot of the organising was left to me which I liked. When we arrived in the city, we made our way through the city to
our little apartment which
was situated down a side street near the national theatre, which is a beautiful yellow building. Although it was just a very basic room, it instantly felt like our own little home. We decided to head out to get our bearings of the city and found our way to the sandy beach (Bačvic beach), where the sea was so shallow you could stand far out.

I love hot weather, and Split, by comparison to the UK, was definitely hot, averaging in the mid 30s during the day. I don't cope well in constant heat, but being able to dip in and out of the sea to cool off during the mid-day sun was so dreamy.

Being the terrible tourists
we are, we decided to go on a pub crawl on the first evening to get an idea of where to go out, and to meet others who were traveling too. The evening consisted of very competitive games of beer pong, struggling to stay up-right on the slippy dancefloor and just dancing none-stop in every bar / club we went in. We ending up running into the sea after the last club just to cool down and walking back to the flat barefoot and soaking wet. It was so much fun we ended up going a second time.

The second day we wanted to discover more of the city, so we went back to the main square which we had walked through on our arrival. The remains of Diocletian's
Palace dominate the heart of the square and the old town. We wandered around the beautifully walled square and down the little alleyways off it. Then walked up to the top of the tower, which provided a wonderful view of the entire city - we managed to spot our little apartment in the distance. After having some light lunch we went in search of a much needed beach spot. This time we tried the other side of the port, towards the mount where there was a lovely pebble beach. We swam in the sea off some rocks on the way to the beach and got hurled around in the water, on the way we also saw some local kids jumping off the pathway into the deep water. I brought my underwater camera along
whenever we went to the beach so I could get some photographs while we swam around. We just had a simple meal in the evening which we put together from the supermarket, then headed out to one of the bars we went to on the pub crawl.

On the third day, which just happened to be my 19th birthday, we got up early to catch the coach we'd booked to Krka national park which was further inland. The coach dropped us at a harbour and a large boat took us along the river to the park entrance. The park was incredible, the path took you towards the base of the huge waterfalls where you could swim around the shallow water in the fast current. It was so difficult to navigate a good route
into the water as the riverbed was so uneven and the water flowing so fast but it was funny watching others. The water was so clear and beautiful, we tried to find raised rocks to perch on in the water but if you weren't careful the water would pull you off and downstream. We walked along the trail to the top, where there were viewpoints looking down, then went back down for another swim before having to catch the coach back to Split. After another chilled supermarket meal and pres in the flat we joined the pub crawl again, and once again ended up walking home soaking wet from a nighttime swim.

After a later start the next day, we headed back to the
main square in the old town to see more of the palace. We walked around the basement where parts of game of thrones was filmed, and around the raised walls. We spotted a beautiful house covered in pink flowers and vines from the courtyard in the basements and spent about half and hour trying to locate it. We found it eventually, took loads of photographs in front of it, then found an adorable cafe for some light lunch, the only thing I could manage was a bowl of gazpacho, since it was so hot that day. Then it was back to the sandy beach from the first day, where we had a swim and jumped off some of the rocks where it was deeper. In the evening we walked around the waterfront
and made our way back to a sushi restaurant we had passed the day before. Then, because it was our last night, we went out again - It was lovely walking the streets at night, the city was so clean and calm, and we always felt safe.

The next day we sadly packed up our bags, cleaned our little flat, dropped of the keys and had a nice coffee in one of the cafes on the waterfront, before getting the coach back the airport and flying home.

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