Monday, 22 August 2016

An hour in Warsaw

The planning and execution of a trip are vastly different. It is something I never fail to forget. Always simplifying journeys or underestimating how much time you need to do something.

It happened again when me and my brother were planning our trip to Poland, it was cheap and easy to fly to Kraków, but we opted to fly back from Warsaw, thinking that trains between the cities would be cheap and frequent. The plan was to focus our trip in Krakow, and just to have the best part of a day to walk around Warsaw, but of course in reality time gets eaten up much faster than you expect.

So, rather than the best part of a day, we actually ended up with about an hour to walk around. We stayed close to the train station, not wanting to venture too far and miss our coach to the airport. Next to the station is the Palace of Culture and Science; an intimidatingly large and severe high-rise building (left). We walked around the base and the square, before finding somewhere to grab some food before the coach to the airport.

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